JW GripSoft Rotating Comfort Comb For Dogs

JW Pets

  • $10.95

Petmate JW GripSoft Rotating Comfort Comb, Fine & Coarse 8inch For Dogs

Use the fine half of the Rotating Comfort Comb Medium 8" to break up mats and to easily and comfortably detangle your dog's coat. Use the Coarse hald to loosen dense or matted portions of the coat.

The rounded stainless steel teeth of this specially designed comb rotate 360 degrees providing a gentle grooming experience for your pet. The rubber handle provides a mopre comfortable and controlled non-slip grip for the user.

  • Helps untangle mats and snarls
  • Loosens dense or matted coat
  • Rotating teeth provide a gentle grooming experience for your Pet
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Excellent Finishing Tool

3-Year Guarantee
This product will be replaced by the manufacturer if fails to perform as advertised.

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