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Pet Skin & Wound Care

N-Shield Nanosilver Skin Care Gel For Pets

Nanosilver Gel SKIN CARE Gel for Skin Disorder & Treating Wounds 24ppm NanoSilver solution in food grade gel.  It is mildly acidic at 5 (+/- 0.5) which is closer to the natural ph level of our skin. The gel will helps to retain moisture longer thus enabling the silver to act sufficiently longer to kills off any bacteria/virus and promoting cell healing. ...

Green Groom Coat Handler The Skin Works Cream

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Green Groom Coat Handler The Skin Works Cream A non-greasy modern miracle cream that assists in soothing & healing inflamed areas, softening calluses, and moisturizing dry skin. Can be used on pets skin and your skin. KEY FEATURES Available Size: 7 g (0.25 oz). Non-greasy cream. It assist in soothing & healing inflamed areas. Moisturizes dry skin. Brand of USA...

Remedy+Recovery Medicated Shampoo For Dogs

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Remedy+Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion For Skin irritations, Inflammation, Moist Eczema & Itching. Hydrocortisone Medicated Lotion soothes flea bites, dermatitis, skin irritations, inflammations, moist Eczema and Itching. USES Soothes flea bites, dermatitis, skin irritations, inflammations, moist ecxema & itching KEY FEATURES Provides relief from flea bites, dermatitis and skin irritations. Relieves itching for periods of time and thus reduces stress. Reduces inflammation...

WashBar Paw Balm

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WashBar® Paw Balm Kanuka + Repair For Dogs  WashBar Paw Balm uses an exciting combination of oils in organic beeswax to create a balm which is ideal to use when paws have become dry or damaged through heat, cold or general hard work. INGREDIENTS Apricot oil Carrot oil Beeswax (organic) Copaiba oil (organic) Kanuka Pure Essential oil (organic) Lavender Pure...

Pawz Max Wax For Dogs

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Pawz Max Wax Maxwax is 100% all natural paw wax made with bees wax and lanolin to create a hydrophobic barrier protecting against snow and ice build-up between the pads, chemical burn from snow melt chemicals, pesticides, hot pavement and sand.  Maxwax is a pawesome moisturizer for dry, cracked pads. Use year round to promote paw health. ADVANTAGES All Natural...

N-Shield Nanosilver Spray For Pets

Nanosilver Spray For Pets Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Virus; Effective for Various Skin Disorders Sanitizer and Disinfectant for general usage on Pets; Effective for treatment and healing of various skin infection and disorder. All Natural Ingredient - Chemical free, Alcohol free, Non Oily. Gentle and Non irritating. Non Toxic and Safe. KEY FEATURES All Natural Ingredients Alcohol & Chemical Free Colorless & odourless...

Blackmores PAW TriDerm Calming Gel For Dogs & Cats with Senstive Skin & Paws

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PAW TriDerm Calming Gel PAW TriDerm Calming Gel is an advanced formulation for skin health and is the over the counter natural alternative that provides: Concentrated Cerasine skin nutrient complex: with ceramides and essential fatty acids (omega oils) to intensively moisturise the skin for optimal skin hydration and a healthy skin barrier. Aloe, chamomile & vitamin B5: to cool and calm sensitive...

SeaFlex Joint, Skin & Vitality Health Supplement For Dogs

SeaFlex Joint, Skin & Vitality Health Supplement For Dogs Is your Pet Slowing Down? Dogs enter their senior years around age seven, often beginning to develop issues associated with aging. In the early stages, these signs often go unnoticed and, if ignored, can lead to serious problems or chronic conditions. This is why it is so important to support your...

Natural Animal Solutions Dermal Cream For Dry Skin Conditions

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DERMAL CREAM Dermal Cream is a deeply nourishing cream which contains 10 key ingredients including  the finest natural plant extracts for your pet’s skin. Dermal Cream is ideal for use on dry skin once or twice daily. BENEFITS Provides nourishment for dry nose, pads, paws and elbows Dry skin conditions Skin hydration INGREDIENTS Neem seed oil Comfrey oil Witch hazel Golden seal Yarrow Lavender...