Stella & Chewy's Dog Treats

stella & chewy's carnivor crunch dog treats


At Singpet, we always value what our Customers suggest and endeavour to always make sure that their demands are met. Our customers said " We would like to see more variety of Dog Treats"  so we are now pleased to announce the availability of Carnivore Crunch Dog Treats from Stella & Chewy's.

Dog Treats are often used during playtime and training and it these little rewards create a positive association for your dogs everytime they are fed with treats. Stella and Chewy's Carnivore Crunch is a grain-free, meat based treats with No artificial preservatives of colorings with less than 3 Calories per morsel. Your dogs will love them but you can be rest assured that you are treating your dog with a treat which is healthy for him. 

Carnivore Crunch is available in Chicken, Duck & Turkey recipes at Singpet.COM. 


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